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How do I place an order?
You can place an order in one of several ways. Please choose the method that works best for you.

Option 1: Email
1.  Send an email to orders@partyrentalltd.com with the event name and delivery date in the subject line.
2.  Include the following information in the body of the email:
  • Your Contact Information (Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email)
  • Billing Contact Information, if different from your information (Name, Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email)
  • Delivery Location (Location Name, Address)
  • Pickup Location, if different from delivery location (Location Name, Address)
  • On-site Contact Name & Cell Phone Number for both delivery and pickup
  • Delivery Date & 6-Hour Window
  • Pickup Date & 8-Hour Window
  • Event Setup Date & Time
  • Event Date, Start Time & End Time
  • Specific delivery location on-site (eg. Third floor, garage, etc.)
  • Any Important Delivery Instructions (eg. Number of stairs to complete delivery, loading dock location, elevator hours, etc.)
2.  Be sure to include your list of rental items by name with quantities or Quick Quote number.
3.  Hit send.

Option 2: Phone
Please call Customer Service at 201.727.4700 for assistance. To help process your order quickly & efficiently, please have all event information listed above ready when you call (contact information, delivery & pickup information, all dates & times, etc.).

Option 3: Fax
Please fax your order to Customer Service at 201.727.4701

Our Customer Service team is available to service you from 8am-7pm, Monday through Friday. From April through December, we are also staffed on Saturdays and Sundays, between 8am-5pm.

What should I do if I need to reach someone after regular business hours?
Each of our divisions has someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies only.

If an event is in progress and you need to speak with someone immediately, call the following numbers and follow the instructions.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Hamptons, Long Island: 201.727.4700
Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia: 301.931.4580

If you need to make changes or additions to an order please wait until the next business day, when possible.

My Event Rental Specialist is unavailable. Can someone else help me?
Absolutely! Please email orders@partyrentalltd.com or call 201.727.4700 and our system will route your email or call to the next available Event Rental Specialist.

If you have an event number, please include it in the subject line of your email or enter it when prompted by the phone greeting.

How can I get product pricing?
Check out our Quick Quote feature to view product pricing. Please note that Quick Quotes provide pricing for a 72-hour usage period (including day of delivery, event date, and day of pickup). Quick Quotes also exclude delivery fees & taxes, and do not guarantee product availability.

You can also use our Live Chat feature to speak directly with an Event Rental Specialist, Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm. Look to the bottom right corner of your screen for the Live Chat window.

When should I place my rental order?
Please send your rental order requests as soon as you know the details of your event, so that we may check availability and start a reservation of your desired rental items. You can make revisions to your order up until (2) business days prior to delivery.

Can I make revisions to my order?
Absolutely! You may make revisions to your order up to (2) business days prior to delivery. Your order is considered final (2) business days prior to delivery.

You may cancel your order any time up until (2) business day prior to delivery and no fee will be charged. If an order is cancelled day prior to delivery, there will be a 50% restocking fee.

To make revisions by email, email orders@partyrentalltd.com and include the Event Number in the subject line, starting with E and followed by the 6-digit number, without any spaces (eg. E012345).

To make revisions by phone, please call Customer Service at 201.727.4700 with your Event Number ready and enter the 6-digit number when prompted (eg. 012345).

If you do not yet have an Event Number, reply to the confirmation email that you received (indicating that our system has received your request) with your revisions.

Do you have an order minimum?
Yes, our product order minimum is $325, this does not include delivery or pickup fees.

What about payment?
Be sure to have a valid method of payment on-file (3) business days prior to delivery. We accept all major credit cards. You can submit your credit card information through the MyAccount feature on our website.

Please note that additional charges may automatically be applied to the card for any additional products or services incurred after delivery, or missing or damaged items upon pickup. Our delivery teams cannot accept any forms of payment.

What fees may be applied to my order?
You can view a full listing of delivery and processing fees that may be associated with an event. Click Here

What is your linen-only order policy?
Linen-only orders are shipped from our Teterboro, NJ warehouse via FedEx Ground nationwide. Shipments may include tablecloths, napkins, and table runners. The linens will be shipped to you, neatly packed in cardboard boxes. It is the customer's responsibility to return all linens free of debris the day following your event via FedEx Ground using the return bags & shipping labels provided.

Linens not returned within the time frame are subject to a replacement charge directly applied to the credit card on file.

Do you rent tents?
Party Rental Ltd. does not provide tent rentals.


What size dance floor will I need for 200 people?
The rule of thumb: 3 square feet of dance floor per dancing guest

2/3 of the party can be dancing at any one time.
For 200 guests that would translate to 132 guests dancing at any one time.
132 guests x 3 sq ft per guest = 396 sq feet, translating to a 20x20 floor.
The closest floor to that would be 21' x 21' which is 49 sections.

I am having a party for 250 people. How much space will I need?
Dinner parties require approximately 20 square feet per person. You would need a space that is approximately 50 feet wide by 100 feet long. Obviously these dimensions will change depending on the size of your tables, if you are going to have a dance floor, etc. A cocktail party typically requires about half the space.

How many glasses will I need for a cocktail party?
A good guestimate is approximately 1.5 glass per person per hour.

Is sterno provided with your chafers, samovars, and proofing cabinets?
No, you must order sterno seperately.

If I am having a buffet dinner how many plates should I order?
To allow for seconds you should generally order 1.25 plates per guest. This may change if you are serving multiple main courses.

If I am using small plates and creating "stations" for my buffet how many plates should I order?

A good guestimate is approximately 5 plates per person. Other factors to think about that may increase or decrease the number are how many stations are serving at the same time, how long is the event, do guests come and go or will they remain in the same area for the entire event.