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While rental products are used over and over again and the rental business is inherently "green",
we here at Party Rental Ltd. have embarked on our initiative with respect to natural resource conservation, management and utilization. Our preliminary focus is on reducing waste, increasing our operational efficiency and assisting our clients in doing their part to reduce, reuse and recyle.
Some of our principal focus is as follows:

Increasing the availability of "green" rental products with biodegradable and compostable items made from natural sources such as bamboo, reed grass, corn and potato starches.
While the price of petroleum rises, so does the petroleum based products making the green alternatives even more desirable. The EPA reports that Americans recycle only 1% of the plastic we generate and we throw out 100 billion plastic, paper and styrofoam cups and plates each year. Biodegradable and compostable materials, on the other hand, can be broken down naturally by microorganisms or have the ability to biodegrade in a managed process producing compost in about 180 days. No trees or plant life is destroyed in the making of these products. These eco-friendly products are attractive, chic, party-ready and contain no chemicals, dyes or glue.

The Palm Leaf Plate collection is made from the fallen leaves from plantations - no trees are ever cut down to make the dinnerware. Their production uses only 10% of the energy used to make recycled paper products and 80% of the water is recaptured and reused.

The Reycled Paper Plates are made of 100% reclaimed fiber and are biodegradable and compostable. These are great mid-weight alternatives to the regular paper disposable plates.

Party Rental Ltd. offers various recycled and "green" products. From Ocean bowls and trays to biodegradable plates and plasticware, we are constantly evolving our "green" product initiatives.

While offering biodegradable and compostable products is instrumental in keeping our environment healthy, Party Rental Ltd. is committed to doing more.

Fleet Maintenance & Management
Party Rental Ltd. maintains a fleet of modern and fuel efficient vehicles. Vehicles are serviced in compliance with mandated service intervals and tires kept properly inflated, not only for our driverís safety but to keep emissions to a minimum. Our drivers are trained to be conscious of speed limits and turn off their engines while loading and unloading orders to reduce carbon dioxide pollution. Vehicles are life cycled accordingly to maintain a balance of newer, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly units with special attention to lowering Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and increasing driver safety. Hybrid Cab Overís are being tested for future opportunities in the metropolitan delivery locations.

All of our vehicles are equipped with a GPS navigator system and route efficient management planning, which is monitored by our Dispatch Team, through the use of mapping software, enabling the company to plan shorter, cost-effective routes. This saves time manually routing, decreases overlapping routes, reduces mileage and fuel usage and the amount of vehicles on the road. The GPS devices enable the Dispatch Team to track drivers routes, provide real-time location of vehicles, helps eliminate missed deliveries and increases customer satisfaction with on-time delivery.

Warehouses are monitored and every effort is made to control the use of electrical power and water usage. Through the use of energy saving devices, recycled water and state-of-the-art laundry equipment, Party Rental Ltd. is doing its part to conserve. We have instilled the laundry Z-rack carts with reusable bags for soiled laundry and to facilitate the return of hangers for reusing and recycling.

Our Administrative and Customer Service staff diligently strive to conserve the use of paper and ink consumed with unnecessary printing. Most work is performed through the use of internet and most transactions are settled electronically, saving both time and paper.